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In 1983 my father bought a small home-computer with a data cassette recorder to learn something about
computers and writing software in the BASIC language. Because computers in those days where
very expensive he searched for an affordable one which came with some educational features as well. 

His choice was the COMX-35 and from that moment on we spent a lot of time and had a lot of fun using it. This computer is still working great and I also still have all the cassette tapes with the programs and games on it. When he saved some money with writing software for the COMX he bought the newer version about 2 years later. It had better keys and looks, but was internally the same device apart from the extra 9-pin joystick port on the back. Later there was a joystick available for it but that never became very popular. After some more programming he even bought two 5.25” disk drives in a metal casing. A special expansion card and cable was needed together with the Disk Operating System (COMX DOS) to make use of the drives. It was much faster to load and save software now. The CPU of this device was not very famous at all, but still it was used in NASA's Voyager, Viking
and Galileo probes.

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