Marcel van Tongeren has created a 1802 emulator in the C++ language based on the COSMAC ELF emulator written by Mike Riley, with some help from me. The latest version of the emulator can be downloaded here or by clicking on one of the COMX screens above. Work is ongoing so keep checking this page for updates. Some features within the COMX functionality :


· Adjustable speed, so you can boost the speed of the COMX beyond 2.813 or 2.835 MHz !

· Tape features PLOAD, PSAVE, DLOAD, DSAVE including a Turbo PLOAD version

· Disk drive and COMX DOS support via image files, including the DOS 1.4 master disk image

· Direct COMX memory access to load and save software from the PC hard disk via ‘.comx’ files

· Expansion box, the original and a version including the F&M expansion ROM 3.1 with full screen editor

· 32K RAM card, F&M Joy card, Printer controller (original and one with F&M ROM)

· PAL and NTSC video modes both with full screen option by pressing F3

· Sound support for MUSIC, TONE and NOISE commands

· Next to emulation of the COMX-35 and COMX PC-1, support for Elf 2000, Cosmac Elf, Neutronics Elf II,

             Quest Super Elf, Cosmac VIP, Studio II, Cidelsa, Telmac 600, Telmac 2000, Telmac Nano and Pecom 64.

· Printing listings to a file and printer for offline editing and storage

· Support for COMX PL-80 Plotter and Thermal Printer simulation and sending the output to any printer you own

· Video screen dump to bitmap file








On the games and Programs pages you can download ‘.comx’ files with all kinds of software made for the COMX.




















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